Muzzle Grimboots

The long-dead dwarf whose diary you found beneath the ruined dwarven monastery. This is the bio that Landon can find when given time to consult a 'Who's Who' upon your return to civilization


Muzzle Grimboots

Muzzle Grimboots was a sorcerer and a philosopher Of the Toragian Brotherhood. Employed by the brotherhood largely as a procurer, he was sent far and wide across the land gathering supplies. Dwarven metallurgy is an art not as throughouly self-contained as some isolationists would have us believe, and while Dwarves are perfectly capable of producing their own charcoal and ore, the botanical elements, fine alluvial gems and earths, and finer wines that go into the art brought Grimboots into contact with all the civilized people.

Torag is a god of labor, and his scripture holds that all men must labor each day for the good of all. His worshipers tend to build organisations more like collectivists factories than churches. Each day they gather, chant the name of torag, and set to producing sharp plows for tilling fields, the nails that will build homes, and every tool in between.

But on Grimboots’ travels, he saw plows beaten until they formed crude swords, and nails used to crucify the enemies of the local prince. It was this experience that planted the question ‘how can we know which works are good, and which evil?’

Thus was born Grimbossian1 thought, with its careful consideration of every task and work to decide what thing that is done for the good of all cannot be turned later to some wickedness. Mocked throughout his life for commiting the sin of ‘thinking about working,’ a hobby associated in dwarfish minds strongly with Elves, in the end Grimboots decided, and all of his students come to the same conclusion in time, that there could be only one work that could be a permanent benefit to all: the killing of the wicked.

And so his followers work to this day: to seek the wicked, lay them to rest, and then seek the next target. As inquisitors, there is little match, but many are so ignorant even of divinity that they are rarely welcomed in any fine hall. It must be explained here that one of Grimboots’ earliest precepts is that while all the good may someday fall to evil, the evil will never wake up one morning good. Under this logic, even the protection of the innocent can go by the board.

Saddly, Muzzle Grimboots himself, while a powerful mage, never got a chance to try his new theories out on anyone deserving of his attentions, he disappeared in mid-life and was not heard from again. Despite many entreaties, the monks of Falconric where he was stationed in life have given no interviews since, nor have they been forthcoming with any of his manuscripts.

1 Those Toragians most distressed by his works have come to call the students of Muzzle Grimboots ‘The Muzzle-Headed’

Muzzle Grimboots

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