Landon Grogan

A well-kept dwarf approaching middle age


Landon is a Dwarf Inquisitor. He is dedicated to Cayden Cailean, god of travel, and has vowed to do what he is able to keep the long roads clear of danger. While he’s at it, he makes a little money on the side turning in bandits for their bounty.

He is dressed in fine travelling clothes that minimize the visual impact of the scale mail he wears. A large backpack shows that he does not travel lightly. A solid-looking steel shield hangs off his backpack; a heavy-handled rapier hangs from his belt.

Character Sheet


In his younger days, Landon was a soldier assigned the task of patrolling the tunnels and under roads of the dwarven kingdoms. A lesser member of his unit, he tramped up and down the deep corridors, keeping dangers at bay and the passages clear.

It was a day like any other when he and his crew came to the end of their patrol, the great Gates of Karhan Bruuk, and prepared to turn around to begin again. A merchant train was slowly making its way out of the open gates and Landon stood beneath the lee of the gate in reverent joy. It’s not that he had never seen the outdoors before, or that the sunrise was particularly beautiful that morning. But something was different that day. With slow realization, Landon understood, deep in his being, that the gate did not mark the end of the passage — it was simply a milestone perched on the endless road. He knew that his patrol was not finished. Not until he ran out of road. And the road went on for miles and miles. Maybe years.

In the first few months of his journey Landon chanced upon Fabius and Belinda Raeburn, wealthy aristocrats from Canus who had just wed months before and were on a tour of the civilized lands. Their paths went the same direction at first, but the trio soon became fast friends. With no plans of his own, Landon joined them on their travels, taking a position in their entourage for a small stipend. Their journey extended beyond months and into years. They called upon Cayden Cailean often and the god of comfortable travel heard their prayers. Within the just two years of their wedding, the Raeburns had their first child. This did not end the journey, but make it all the more enjoyable and as the years turned to decades, Landon traveled with four generations of the Raeburn family. All good things must come to an end, however. When the elder Raeburns died, the traveling companions returned to Canus to bury them. Here, the journey ended, for the youngest of the Raeburns had not been as fortunate as their grandparents. They had difficulty conceiving a child on the road and the perfect little girl they were finally graced with died to a stray shot from brigands nearly within site of the gates of Canus. Their joy gone, both surviving generations decided to settle down once and for all.

Landon left the company of the Raeburns at that point, knowing that his presence would remind them of bleaker days. He vowed to Cayden Cailean that he would dedicate his life to destroying bandits, villainy, and the monsters that made travel dangerous.

Landon Grogan

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